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Do you understand the oil bearing?
Time:2015-06-25    Source:    Views:1258
We have seen in all kinds of machinery, there are applications, but you know what? What is his work principle?
Oil bearing is the characteristics of porous materials or oil lubrication and the affinity, before bearing installation and use, the lubricating oil to the bearing material infiltration, bearing period can not add or a longer period of time without oil lubrication, the bearing said oil bearing.
Oil bearing in the non operating state, the lubricating oil is full of the pore, operation, rotary shaft due to friction and fever, bearing thermal expansion so as to reduce the pore, so oil spill into the bearing clearance. When the shaft stops rotating, bearing cooling, lubricating oil and pore recovery, being sucked back into the pores. Although it may be possible to form a complete oil film, the bearing is a mixed friction state in the oil film.
Can take advantage of the characteristics of the porous material, the lubricating oil is full of pore of oil bearing materials: wood, growth of cast iron, cast copper alloy and powder metallurgy antifriction material; can use materials and lubricating oil affinity properties, so that the lubricating oil evenly dispersed in the material of oil bearing material for polymer, such as oil and phenolic resin.
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Addr:Henglin double Rong Village,Wujin District,Changzhou city,jiangsu  Tel:+86 519-83991655    
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