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Method of assembling bearing bearing Feng Jing interpretation
Time:2015-06-25    Source:    Views:2141
As the basic parts of the mechanical and electrical parts, oil bearing has been widely used in many industries such as automobile, machinery, household electrical appliances, electric tools, audio equipment, computer equipment and so on. But for the assembly of oil bearing, I believe that people are not many, but it is not related, in today's article, the small series to talk about.
Assembly method of oil bearing:
1, the outer diameter of the spherical surface of the automatic core bearing, in the assembly of the bearing size does not change, but the body is slightly more complex, resulting in higher costs;
2, without the spindle bearing is pressed into the bearing seat, then bearing inner diameter can be free shrinkage, the bearing inner diameter size difference because of bearing seat diameter and the outer diameter of the bearing size tolerance effects of combination and surface finishing and material inhomogeneity and so considerable, diameter size accuracy is poor;
3, the inner hole of the mandrel is penetrated into a bearing. With the pressure of the bearing seat hole, at this time, compared with a, greatly improve the accuracy of the inner hole of the bearing size;
4, oil bearing remind without mandrel pressure loading, and then corrected rods, reamer, no edge pushing knives, cutting and trimming bearing diameter. On this occasion, although can be obtain high accuracy, but loss of surface porous and the deterioration of the surface roughness, chips are produced, the production cost Zeng Dasheng, therefore, is not a good assembly method.
Different working conditions of bearing presents a variety of different materials and performance requirements, for example, the general electric tools oil bearing on wear resistance have special requirements, sound mechanical oil bearing need lower friction coefficient and so on.
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